2020 will be a year that will inevitably, for better and for worse, turn out to be unforgettable for everyone. A particularly unique year, which led us to isolation but also invited introspection, opening, in a somewhat obscure way, the door to change, or as we enjoy saying in Black Canvas to transmutation. It was in this manner that what came to be was, undoubtedly for us as a team, an unforgettable edition and that we hope will also be a positive experience for our cinephile audience now not exclusively in Mexico City, but throughout the country.

The aggravating conditions of such a special year led us to work in a series of different possible scenarios allowing and converging at the end in the edition that we, gladly and full of pride, shall offer from the 1st to 10th of this October. A hybrid edition where about 130 films can be seen from Tijuana to Cancun thanks to our new FilminLatino digital venue which adds to our already classic physical venues.

Changes don’t stop. Not satisfied with our national and international short film sections in competition plus the presence of the refreshing New Horizon, in our irrepressible desire of cinephile search we have decided to continue expanding the spectrum of the country’s film offering with a forceful new proposal, the Competition Beyond the Canvas, a clear representation of our spirit and that of our quests: a collection of challenging, refreshing, radical, bordering, peripheral proposals from more than 25 filmmakers who dive into language from different perspectives, genres, formats and durations.

The activities of our Extension of the Canvas, which will expand its reach through the virtual reach that our current situation requires, the focus on the most important Chinese filmmaker of the new century, Jia Zhangke and the complete retrospective on one of the strongest voices of the Latin American scene, José Luis Torres Leiva, complement this film offering whose sole purpose is to meet again, either from home or in physical spaces safely and responsibly in regard to everyone’s well-being, to once again live as a community the magnificence of the infinite cinematographic experience which is embeded in our programming.

Universidad de la Comunicación, 2020